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INFO - More Than a Management System

Integrated Networked Filing Options - INFO 


Databases are much more suitable to tracking information than spreadsheets.


Centralising the data and sharing it to clients is not only smart, it is cost effective improving access for persons within your organisation, and if appropriate, allowing access through an internet portal to external enquiries.


We have developed software solutions for a variety of businesses and industries from Legal, Conveyancing, Real Estate through to Industrial and Mining

We have worked in Australian and International locations providing technical services and project management in various mines, both metal and coal, from greenfield to operating.

Using the knowledge attained from experience, we can offer practical solutions to most problems encountered in the modern mines of today, as well as introducing the modern technology to those mines which perhaps have not been operating most efficiently.

In addition to the mining services offered we have developed a software solution which is both versatile (it can be installed on a variety of platforms, including iPad and iPhone devices) and offers a simple intuitive interface to the user reducing the learning time, whilst remaining open to be customised to specific requirements for managing data.

Most mines encounter Data on a daily basis and yet do not capture it. Once captured it becomes Information and once manipulated into meaningful information it transforms into Knowledge. As knowledge it offers the most beneficial form.


I was the mine manager at NRE #1 Colliery from 2005 to 2008. Being a small company, building a new mine out of an old one, we did not have the budgets nor resources to buy and implement the large off the shelf management programs. I tasked  Mr. Kimber using his mining experience and IT skills to develop software for us to use at the mine that would improve the operation of the mine by allowing any staff member to access relevant information quickly and simply.


The software could be accessed easily from any computer on site, whether using a web browser of specific client software. The software was simple enough for all employees to use, with any level of computer knowledge and was  thorough in capturing and displaying all manner of details myself and my staff wished to retrieve. Should there be a request from a staff member for changes to the format or reporting, it was achieved in a reasonably short time, and was simple to administer.


The general consensus was that it is a simple effective and complete solution to any mine, including industries in the construction world that needed to not only have information at their fingertips, but in some cases to comply with legislation.


I have no hesitation in recommending the software (which I believe has been named ‘INFO’) and the developer, Mr Kimber to any company wishing to manage their operation through the use of such software.


Grant Case  |  Chief Operating Officer  |  the UGM Group 



I first met Martin whilst struggling to decide on an off the shelf electronic system that could effectively address all my needs as an OHS Manager at a local mine. We had been attempting to incorporate several excel based (expanded spreadsheets) into one, a nightmare of a task (and most likely impossible for us). Martin suggested that we create our own, utilising iNfo which he had developed, that would allow us to further develop as the company grew. He explained the process and functionality in terms we could understand and even to the point of training us on how we could further personalise, aesthetically the programs ourselves.


We had several needs, firstly it had to be our system, a system that we owned and could amend, alter, grow as needs changed. Secondly it had to be very much user friendly in that minimal “tricky” bits had to be learnt by staff and employees to be able to surf their way to what they needed and thirdly, each separate database had to be able to interact with any other created to minimise re-entering data that was already available. In the end Martin helped us to build an electronic system that addressed our needs in regards to Training records and refreshers, Safety, Management Systems and documentation, emergency contact details for all 300 plus employees and staff, photographic records, incident/accident details, corrective action database, tracking of actions and email reminders, fire control/extinguisher database and locations - the iNfo database did it all…. A big thank you to Martin he assisted us to minimise our costs and create a customised system.


Greg Ruskin | OH&S Manager

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